How can we pick the perfect colour of artificial grass?

Artificial grass comes in various shades of green- olive oil, lime green, darker green, and much more. Cheaper turfs come in single flat green colours and it is easy to tell them apart from natural grass.

Avoid turfs which are too perfectly green- proceed to your imperfect and decide on a turf that’s different colours of green and some brown flecks too. As you can go for an artificial grass of any colour based on your own preference, do shoot samples outside and see that one looks fantastic in the sun and may complement your house.

There are many distinct types of artificial grass nowadays it can be difficult to pick. I would recommend getting a couple of distinct samples and taking them home so you can see them in your garden at various times during the day. I would advise avoiding artificial grass that’s all one colour, as this seems obviously fake. Engineered synthetic grass often has strands of different tones of green and brown woven in, making it look far more realistic. This is the way I picked and laid my artificial grass in my garden. I went for quite a dark hue green, but it appears very bright when in full sunlight.

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