cheap dedicated servers

A server’s job is to store all the data that your website constitutes of, .jpg files, PHP files, .net files, and etcetera, to display it to the visitors on your page. An entire server to yourself is called a dedicated server. There are various other ways to host your website using servers, for e.g. where you can rent or buy a portion of the server with your individual IP address, called Virtual Private Server or VPS, or where you share a small portion of the server with numerous other people under the same IP address, called Shared Hosting.

Cheap dedicated servers


What is different about dedicated servers and when are they beneficial to use?

A dedicated server is only required if you have a large number of hits, at a time, on your website, and if you need to make arrangements to control the traffic and to distribute loads. Cheap dedicated servers provide you the entire space for your individual use. They usually come with more than a Terabyte storage capacity, greater than 4GB memory and 4 CPU cores. They are highly functional, fast and have a 99.5% or more uptime. They also offer flexibility to choose between Windows and Linux OS. They provide better security of data and more than one dedicated IP addresses. However, all these facilities come at a cost. They are expensive and require even greater amounts for renewal. Buying a dedicated server will also mean that you will have to keep the server for life even when you are shutting down the company.

Can we find cheap dedicated servers in India?

Although dedicated servers are relatively expensive, the ones that are hosted from abroad are relatively cheaper as compared to ones that are hosted in India itself. With the growing market, literacy about online trading and advertising, and the growing competition, it is now easier to find numerous firms that are renting or selling servers and is even easier to compare different websites and firms’ prices to come up with the most lucrative and cheap dedicated server. On these websites, you can choose between buying and renting servers at an affordable price.

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